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Celebrate Your Quarantine Birthday at Digital Sip & Paint

April 30, 2020 4 min read

Celebrate Your Quarantine Birthday at Digital Sip & Paint


There's no crowd, no bar or restaurant, no music, no food; this isn't at all how you planned to celebrate your birthday. You never thought you'd be in sweats, nor did you ever anticipate being alone. And you really never thought it would be impossible to leave your house.

This is the reality of thousands of people across the United States. If you're one of the many people who have had or will have a birthday in quarantine, keep reading. We've got the perfect birthday celebration for you. 


Social distancing has taken a toll on all of us in countless ways, not the least of which is having birthdays in quarantine. COVID-19 has derailed thousands of plans, parties, celebrations, and events, and none of us know when life will return to normal. 


In response to Coronavirus, however, we've all seen the rise of a new quarantine culture. Social distancing and quarantining have inspired us to invent new ways of celebration, connection, and joy. People have met difficulty and fear with innovation and creativity. Digital Sip & Paint is proud to be a part of that movement. 

Digital Sip & Paint gives you the chance to relax, drink cocktails, chat with friends, and paint your very own original painting under the guidance of a professional artist. And you can do all of that while observing social distancing rules from the comfort of your home. We use technology to create meaningful, shared experiences and bring us all closer together. We want to help everyone with a birthday during these challenging times celebrate with their loved ones. 

Why celebrate your birthday with Digital Sip & Paint?

Our answer? It's free. 


Even more than that, though, it's an unforgettable virtual experience. We've thought long and hard about how to craft a unique experience for you and your loved ones during social distancing. Digital Sip & Paint is not just to give you another activity. Sip & Paint will transport you out of your home and into a world of creativity and energy. Every session even has a live DJ to keep you dancing, sipping, and painting. 


All of our classes are live and taught by professional artists. We wouldn't have just anyone to lead our Digital Sip & Paint classes. We've found highly skilled, working artists who make the painting process fun, carefree, and easy for anyone to do. They will give you as much or as little instruction and guidance as you want. 


There's a universal commonality in art. It has the magical ability to bring us all together, no matter who we are or what we do. Are you celebrating your 21st birthday? Digital Sip & Paint birthday celebrations are perfect for you. Is your grandma turning 80? She will love painting with us, too. Digital Sip & Paint will make anyone's birthday special. 

Do you want some of our pro tips? You can research some fun birthday cocktails for your group to make together before the event starts. It's a great way to try something new, start the birthday party early, and get your creative juices flowing. Digital Sip & Paint events are also a chance to get out of your pajamas and put on some party clothes (though we're all about pajamas if that's what you're feeling). We encourage you to wear whatever makes you happiest. After your painting session, keep the party rolling with your group with some birthday cake. Make an entire celebratory night out of your Digital Sip & Paint adventure. 

We love to see our clients chill out, get creative, and laugh, and we do everything in our power to make that happen. 


We All Need To Be Painting Right Now


With our collective and individual stress, fear, and anxiety levels much higher than average, we all must embrace creative pursuits. Research has shown that creative activities help reduce stress, relax your body, increase productivity, and decrease indigestion and inflammation. When we paint, draw, craft, write, or make music, we enter a state of flow that calms our minds as we engage fully with an activity. We forget time and space and live in the present moment. It is this state of being that boosts our immune systems, moods, and productivity.


The positive effects of art and music span all generations, life experiences, and interests, and we all need as much positivity as possible right now. Sip & Paint uses music and art to bring the joy, stress-relief, and power of human connection to everyone. Painting has never been more important for our collective well-being and health, and our team at Sip & Paint wants to share it with as many people as we can. 


How Digital Paint & Sip Works

We've made the process of booking and enjoying Digital Paint & Sip as simple and streamlined as possible. 

To book, just go to our virtual events schedule, find an event that works for you and your friends, and follow the link. You can select the class and purchase art supplies for your Digital Sip & Paint experience that will arrive on your doorstep before the night of your event. We even offer two sets of art supplies if you are home social distancing with a family member, friend, or significant other. 


We make every effort to make our events fun, safe, and easy to do while quarantining. You won't have to go to the store and buy a bunch of supplies to be a part of a Digital Sip & Paint experience. Our art supplies kits have everything you need to open the box and make your masterpiece. 


If you have a question, don't worry. You can always message us on our website for assistance, clarification, or to speak with us directly. 


Now imagine this: You and your friends are laughing hysterically, dancing to your favorite songs, and painting canvases while sipping your drink of choice. Time is flying, and for a little while, you forget all about quarantining, social distancing, and COVID-19. It just feels like your birthday celebration. 


Join us for an unforgettable event today. 

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